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The Burning Man and Temple Burns
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In Search of the New Male Archetype
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Robert Henrikson

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Burning Man 2005
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Burning Man 2003
Burning Man 2002
Hana Maui Coast 01-02
SanMiguel Mexico 01-02
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Burning Man 2000
Chichen Itza 2000
Panama Adventure 2000
Tuscany Italy 1999
Burning Man 1999
Martha's Vineyard 1999
Kenai Alaska 1999


Services & Licensing

Panmagic CardDVD Authoring
$50/hour with 4-hour minimum. Will help prepare package and label artwork if requested. Output to DVD-R $30.00 per disc.

Authoring projects include time for consultation and review with customer. Actual number of hours provided will be included in the written estimate, based on the total number of authoring hours required to complete the project. Authoring projects include a reasonable number of proof and check discs.

Video Production and Editing
$60/Hr - Mobile digital editing studio services with Sony DRV900, Mac Titanium G4, Final Cut Pro 3, External Firewire Drive. Does not include travel and expenses.

Licensing Fees for Panoramic Photography
$100 - Digital images in printed media such as a flyer, newsletter or daily paper for one time use. This rate pplies to images for use in web pages. Images that appear in web pages must be accompanied by a link to
$100 to $300 - Digital images that will be used in books, posters, and other print media intended for multiple use or printings.
$500 to $1,500 - Digital images that will be used indefinitely to promote or sell a commercial product or service. Examples would include images to be used on product packaging or in advertising, corporate banners in trade shows.

Commission Photography
$300 - Per day fee that applies to straight forward projects. Does not include travel and expenses. An example might include shooting landscapes, homes or buildings where there are not a lot of technical constraints or post-production issues.
$500+ - Complex projects need to be negotiated on a per-project basis, such as event panoramas or post-production photo collages on panoramic backgrounds.

Website Development
$500+ - Website projects to be negotiated on a per-project basis

$60/Hr - Sometimes people working on a panorama, website or video related project just need advice, such a panoramic photographers or video producers who need to meet a deadline but are encountering some technical obstacle or people who are interested in doing the work themselves but need someone to instruct them in the equipment, software and techniques they will need for the project.

Copyright ©
All images on this site are copyrighted. To publish these images in any form, including web pages, requires the permission of the author Robert Henrikson.

Some licensing restrictions apply to panoramas of the Burning Man Festival. In accordance with festival guidelines these images cannot be licensed for commercial use other than promoting the event itself.

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