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Robert Henrikson

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Tuscany Italy 1999
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Robert Henrikson
A photographer for 30 years, I recreate events and places much as our memory does: as a holographic mosaic of time and space.

Beginning in 1981, I assembled and collaged many photographs into a larger composition to recreate a photomosaic on a two dimentional surface. First I photographed a place by mapping the background landscape: horizon, sky and foreground. This might take more than two dozen photos. Then I took portraits of people and events occurring in that place. After having prints developed, I manually built a panorama background by assembling the landscape prints. I cut out individual portraits and collaged them into the panorama landscapes.

Panmagic Show December 1999

These large compositions were manually assembled on my floor and many are 40" x 30" in size. Later, I built these in layers, adding a dimensional effect. This is how Photomosaics evolved through the 1980s and early 1990's. Beginning in 1997, I switched to digital cameras, and in 1998 began assembling compositions in Adobe Photoshop. For the exhibition (below) in Berkeley, California in December 1999, I printed 20 inch long Panmagic prints.

Panmagic Show December 1999

For exhibitions (below) in Emeryville, California Dec. 2001 thru Sep. 2002, I used a Nikon digital camera, assembled in Photoshop, adding layers of cutout images for artistic effects. I printed 22 inch long Panmagic prints.

Panmagic Show, December 2001

Since 1995, I've been building websites to communicate, educate and display art. Current examples:
Wild Thyme Farm Visionary Forestry and Permaculture:
AlgaeAlliance Network of Independent Algae Consultants:
SpirulinaSource Resource Center for Spirulina Algae:
PanMagic Magical Panscapes Digital Photography:
Hana Gardenland Botanical Paradise in Hana Maui:
Folding-Time Video Panorama of Burning Man:
BambooSun Bamboo Visions and Green Architecture:

For video biography. For biography of another life as a algae bioneer.

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