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Otter Trilogy:
3 Years of Otter Clan 2003, 2004, 2005
Burning Man: The Burning Man and Temple Burns
New Man: In Search of the New Male Archetype
Folding-Time: Timewave Panorama of Burning Man
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Bamboo Living Homes

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Robert Henrikson

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Pan Galleries:
Burning Man 2007
Burning Man 2006
Burning Man 2005
Burning Man 2004
Burning Man 2003
Burning Man 2002
Burning Man 2000
Burning Man 1999

Hana Maui Coast 01-02
SanMiguel Mexico 01-02
Wild Thyme Farm 99-02
Paris France 2002
Monte Albán Oaxaca 02
Chichen Itza 2000
Panama Adventure 2000
Tuscany Italy 1999
Martha's Vineyard 1999
Kenai Alaska 1999


Media Activities
Jul 2006 DVD: Folding Time and Space at Burning Man 3: Dual layer disc. Travel through time and space to this festival of community and self-expression. 23 Videos and 7 Slide shows.
Jul 2005 DVD: In Search of the New Man: At Burning Man and Bioneers Conference. Making a movie of the adventure, creating a new male myth. Looking for the new man that will bring us back into balance.
Jul 2005 DVD: Folding Time and Space at Burning Man 2: 14 Videos and 5 Slide shows. Order Folding Time and Space 2004 DVD.
Jul 2004 DVD: Folding Time and Space at Burning Man: 10 Videos and 4 Slide shows Order Folding Time and Space 2003 DVD.
Jun 2004 DVD: Bamboo Living Homes: 3 Videos and 5 Slide shows.
May 2004 Otter Clan does Burning Man: 16 minute video of Otter Camp at Burning Man 2003.
Oct 2003 Burning Man 2003 Videos Online: Two videos of the Burning Man and the Temple of Honor Burn and afterparty.
Oct 2003 Bamboo Pavilion Video Online: Shot and edited 4 minute time-lapse video of Bamboo Pavilion assembly.
Oct 2003 DVD: Folding-Time: with 11 movies, photo panoramas and hidden treats. Order Folding-Time 2002 DVD.
Sep 2003 Folding-Time 2003 Video Project: Time Navigators installed a 6 camera time-lapse video system to capture activity at the Burning Man 2003 Art Festival for four weeks. website documents this project
Aug 2003 Bamboo Living Video Online: Created, scripted, shot and edited 4 minute video of Bamboo Living Homes.
Jul 2003 Folding-Time Video Showing Sonoma CA: Sebastiani Theatre on July 21. With Confessions of a Burning Man. Reception with the artists and filmmakers.
Jul 2003 Bamboo Living Website: Designed and developed website to introduce bamboo houses built by Bamboo Technologies of Maui: Live in the Beauty and Grace of Natural Bamboo.
Mar 2003 Hana Maui Coast Video: Provided 3 minute video of Hana Palms Retreat and the Hana Coast for use in March 2003 Fine Living Channel TV special "Around the World in Eighty Houses."
Feb 2003 Folding-Time Videos Online: Seven (7) time-compressed videos of Burning Man 2002.
Feb 2003 Utne Arts Extra: Printed the Octopus panorama from Burning Man 2002 in "Goodbye "Plop Art" about new Public Art, page 28.
Dec 2002 Burning Man 2002 Videos Online: Two 3 minute time-compressed videos of the Burning Man and the Temple of Joy Burn and afterparty.
Dec 2002 Folding-Time Video Showing New York: Folding Time Navigators landed in New York City, showing the first sliver of Folding-Time at the Remote Lounge located at 327 Bowery
Oct 2002. Folding-Time Video Premiere San Francisco: The Folding-Time Video of Burning Man 2002 was shown at the Burning Man Decompression Party, Sunday October 20, 2002 at Cafe Cocomo.
Sep 2002 Burning Man Panoramas: New panoramas taken at Burning Man 2002 exhibited at and in Emeryville, CA,
Aug 2002 Folding-Time Website: website documents the video project
Aug 2002 Folding-Time Video Project: From Aug. 12 thru Sep. 10, 2002, Time Navigators installed a time-lapse video system to capture the growth and destruction that are the essence of Black Rock City at Burning Man. Four cameras captured activity every hour of every day for four weeks.
Jun 2002 Paris France Panoramas: New series of 12 panoramas taken on one day in Paris, Sunday June 30, 2002 exhibited at
Jun 2002 Spirulina community microfarms video: Mini-Colloque for Artisanal Spirulina Production was held at Mialet, South of France, June 26-28, 2002. Fifty growers, researchers and supporters came from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe to share their latest work growing spirulina on a small scale.
Jun 2002 Mexico Panoramas: New panorama series taken at Monte Alban, Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende Mexico exhibited at
Dec 2001 Panmagic Panorama Exhibition: Gallery show of 22" prints at the Outback Store, 1266 66st Street, Emeryville CA, Dec 2001-Sep 2002.


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