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Robert Henrikson

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Hana Maui Coast 01-02
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Tuscany Italy 1999
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Robert Henrikson
Video Biography

Through the 1980s and 1990s, while growing an international business producing and marketing spirulina algae products, I produced a series of educational and promotional videos: Health Discoveries of Spirulina (1998), Health Benefits of Green Superfoods (1995), How spirulina is ecologically grown in California (1994, 1990), Green Health Trends of the 90s (1994), Growing spirulina algae in Togo, West Africa (1989), Earthrise Farms (1982). Early ones involved hiring a video crew. Later I shot video myself, such as the one in Togo West Africa. Editing was done in a post production studio, by professional editors.

Technology has evolved. Now equipment for shooting, editing and producing movies can fit in a carry-on backpack. I use a Sony digital camera, Mac Laptop, external firewire hard drives and edit with Final Cut Pro, DVD authoring in Studio Pro. Recently, I shoot most video using a tiny Flip HD video camera.

Since 2002, I have produced nearly 100 short movies, authored DVDs for movie distribution, and produced "Folding Time and Space at Burning Man" and "Bamboo Living Homes". I have posted 40 short movies on, through my channels 'panmagic' and 'robertbamtech'.

Videos from Burning Man and In Searh of the New Man 2003 - 2005. Otter Clan Trilogy at Burning Man 2003-2005 | In Search of the New Man 2004 | The Burning Man 2002-2005.

Videos from Bamboo Living Homes | Assembling a Bamboo Pavilion | Pavilion-Time Lapse | Assembling a Bamboo Plantation.

Burning Man Videos

Videos from Burning Man 2002. Available at The Burning Man (3:00), Temple of Joy (3:00). Available at Seven Time-Lapse Videos of Burning Man - The Man 24 days in 9 minutes (9:00); Black Rock City 21 days in 7 minutes (7:00); Making Folding-Time (6:00); and One Day in One Minute 4 camera views of August 30, 2002 (1:00 each). Folding-Time Videos have been shown in San Francisco, New York and other venues, and soon to be on DVD.

Spirulina Source Videos

Videos from the Mini-Colloque for Artisanal Spirulina Production in Mialet, South of France, June 2002. Available at La Capitelle Spirulina Farm, growing on a small scale (2:30), Spirulina Conference Picnic featuring spirulina appetizers (1:20), Conversation with Hubert Durand-Chastel, Spirulina Pioneer (3:00), The Future of Spirulina, conversations with four spirulina pioneers (5:30).

Panmagic Videos

Videos about Healing Retreat Centers. Available at Hana Palms Retreat and the Hana Maui Coast (3:00). Available at Nature Trail (1:05), Wild Thyme Farm Bonfire (2:10).

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