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Spirulina Source CardRobert Henrikson
Author, Earth Food Spirulina
Biographical Summary

For over 20 years as President of Earthrise Company and Director of Earthrise Farms, Robert Henrikson pioneered spirulina algae as a world food. Henrikson joined Larry Switzer in 1977 to build the first U.S. spirulina farm, becoming President in 1981. With foresight of future health trends, he established spirulina as a supplement and pioneered a new global industry.

Today, Earthrise Nutraceuticals markets health products and nutraceuticals under several popular trademarks in the USA and 30 countries. Earthrise Farms, located in the sunny California desert, is the world's largest spirulina farm, with a production capacity of over 500 tons a year. Spirulina yields more nutrition per acre than any other food, and requires less land, water and energy than conventional crops. A spirulina farm can produce food without pesticides or herbicides, and represents an ecological food production model our planet needs.

Robert HenriksonHenrikson has been involved in organizations including Business for Social Responsibility and Social Ventures Network. Under Henrikson’s direction, Earthrise sponsored village scale spirulina farms in in India, Peru and West Africa. Henrikson provided spirulina donations to the Children of Chernobyl in Belarus and Ukraine, to HIV/AIDS and cancer patients, and to international charities.

A prolific writer and spokesperson, he has authored numerous articles and newsletters and produced educational videotapes. He has often appeared on radio and television interview and news shows and has presented seminars around the world on health trends, nutrition and sustainable agriculture. Henrikson has developed several websites about spirulina, its health benefits with an extensive scientific library online.

In 1989, he founded Ronore Enterprises Inc, to publish Earth Food Spirulina: How this remarkable blue-green algae can transform your health and our planet. The 4th edition was published in 1997. The 5th edition was published online in 1999.

Earth Food Spirulina is considered the most complete and authoritative work on spirulina and has been translated and published in Spain (’94), China (’95), Slovenia (’96), Macedonia (’97), and Italy (‘98), Taiwan ('99) and France ('02).

Henrikson holds a BA in Politics from Princeton University. Prior to spirulina, he was a financial consultant for start-up companies, an instructor for Arica Institute and world traveler.

Robert Henrikson

Algae Bioneer
* International authority on microalgae
* Published author, public speaker

Biographical Summary:
Robert Henrikson has pioneered spirulina and other microscopic algae as world food resources for over 20 years. He was President of Earthrise Company, spirulina leader marketing nutraceuticals to over 30 countries, and founder and director of Earthrise Farms of California, the world's largest spirulina farm.

Author of Earth Food Spirulina: How this remarkable blue-green algae can transform your health and our planet. 1989/1991/1994/1997 4th Edition. 1999 Online 5th Edition. International Language Editions: Spanish (1994), Chinese (1995), Slovenian (1996), Macedonian (1997), Italian (1998).

Video Documentaries:
Health Discoveries of Spirulina (1998)
Health Benefits of Green Superfoods (1995)
How spirulina is ecologically grown in California (1994, 1990)
Green Health Trends of the 90's (1994)
Growing spirulina algae in Togo, West Africa (1989).

Internet web site development:
For Earthrise Spirulina (1995-98): and
Devi's Timeless Clothing for Women Online Store (1999-):
Wild Thyme Farm Visionary Forestry and Permaculture (1998-):
SpirulinaSource Resources for Spirulina, Algae, Green Superfoods (1999-):
PanMagic Magical Panscapes Digital Photography (1999-):
Hana Palms Retreat in Heavenly Hana Maui (2001-):
White Tara Goddess of Compassion (2001-):
Folding-Time Video Panorama of Burning Man (2002-):

Selected Newspaper and magazine articles:
"Spirulina in Healthcare, " Heilpraxis Magazin Sweiz. (Switzerland 1998)
"Health Discoveries of Spirulina," Positive Health. (United Kingdom 1998)
"Spirulina: Interview with Robert Henrikson." Scrott&Korn. (Germany 1997)
"Spirulina: Key to Reducing Cholesterol, PMS, Cancer." New Editions Health World. (1996)
"Spirulina Contributions Spark New Health Discoveries." Healthy & Natural Journal. (1995)
"Cleaning up our Earth - Cleaning up our bodies," Environmental Impact Reporter. (1994)
"1990’s A Decade of SuperGreen Foods." Florida Distributors. (1991)
"Spirulina Given to Children of Chernobyl," Health World. (1990)
"The Wisdom of Elders," Solstice. (1990)
"Japanese Seniors take Spirulina for many reasons," Sacramento Union. (1990)
"Aquaherbals: New benefits from Earth's microalgae," Herbs! (1990)
"The Greening of Japanese Seniors," L&H Magazine. (1989) Swansons Health (1990)
"Why aquaherbals are in hot demand," Body & Soul. (1989)
"World's largest spirulina farm doubles in size," L&H Magazine. (1988)
"Medical Properties of Algae," Health World. (1987)
"Beta carotene strengthens defenses," Swansons Health Shopper. (1987)
"Medical research with spirulina," San Francisco Health. (1986)
"Future food: spirulina comes of age," Los Angeles Health. (1986)
"Raising spirulina on high tech farm," Aquaculture Magazine. (1985)

Television interview, talk shows and news programs:
SABC "Good Morning South Africa," Johannesburg | "Good Morning Slovenia," TV3, Ljubjiana| Skopje Macedonia | Guangzhou China | Caracas Venezuela | Malaga Spain | CBS 4 Miami FL "4 Your Health"| TV 4 WCCO, Minneapolis MN | TV 9 KECY El Centro CA | TV 10 TV, San Diego CA| TV 5 KPIX, San Francisco CA | TV 2 KTVU, Oakland CA.

Radio interviews and talk shows:
"Here’s to Your Health", Anaheim CA | KANI, SAFM, Johannesburg South Africa | WBAI, Melbourne FL | KLBJ, Austin TX | KERI, Bakersfield CA | KCYX, McMinville OR | KTOK, Oklahoma City OK | KIEV, Glendale CA | WABC, "Gary Null Show", NY.

Seminar, conference and classroom presentations:
"The Amazing Health benefits of Spirulina," FL, CO, CA, TX, WA, OR.
"Health Discoveries of Spirulina", Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.
"Growing Spirulina and Health Benefits of Spirulina," presentations: Guangzhou, Haikou and Xiamen, PR China | Jakarta, Indonesia | Moscow, Russia | Milan, Italy | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Ljubjiana, Slovenia | Skopje, Macedonia | Johannesburg, South Africa.
"Quality Assurance methods," technical presentation, Medellin, Colombia.
"Microalgae Cultivation," The Bioneers Conference, San Francisco, CA USA.
"World Spirulina survey," moderator, 6th Int'l Conf. of Applied Algology, Czech Republic.
"Green Foods Quality Assurance" moderator for NPQAA, Natural Food Expos, USA.
"Green business practices," Business for Social Responsibility, San Anselmo, CA USA.
"Health Benefits of Green Superfoods," National Natural and Health Food Conferences, USA.
"Sustainable development in the third world," UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco CA USA.
"Spirulina in Africa's future," Africa Tomorrow, Los Angeles CA USA.
"Microalgae: future farms," World Future Society, Washington DC USA.

Newsletter series on the developments in microalgae (1987-1994):
20- Spirulina benefits children of the world
19- Popularity is rising for green superfoods
18- Environmental advantages of microalgae
17- Wonder food recipes
16- How to use Earthrise Spirulina
15- Comparing the green superfoods
14- Microalgae makes news around the planet
13- Growing spirulina in a West African village
12- Growing quality spirulina in California
11- Spirulina, a worldwide food
10- Clinical research with spirulina

Quoted as authority on microalgae and contributor to articles in:
Consumer publications:
Positive Health (UK), Healthy & Natural, Vegetarian Times, Herbalgram, Profiles, Environmental Impact Reporter, Alive, Delicious!, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Herbs!, Solstice, Sacramento Union, Body & Soul, Better Nutrition, Whole Life (UK), Body, Mind & Spirit, Earth Star New England, Pacific Sun, Health World, Health Times, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Swanson's Health Shopper, Total Health, LA Health, SF Health, Bestways, Let's Live, East West, Mother Jones, New Age, Medical Self Care, The Futurist, Monk, Today's Living, Whole Life-NY, Whole Life-LA, Yoga Journal.

Business and trade publications:
Food Processing Magazine, Natural Foods Merchandiser, Vitamin Retailer, Venture, Whole Foods, San Francisco Examiner, Biotechnology, Health Foods Business, San Francisco Business, Aquaculture, Petaluma Argus-Courier, Sonoma Business Journal, Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

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