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Folding Time and Space
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Making Panorama Collages
The Magic in Panmagic is folding time and space into one panorama.

Example 1:
Saint Germain Street Scene at Les Deux Magots Cafe, Paris France, June 30, 2002.

One Sunday morning at the end of June, I found myself sitting at the famous touristic Cafe Les Deux Magots on Avenue Saint Germain in Paris. I wanted to create a panorama capturing the cafe and street ambiance. Over a 10 minute period I took a series of photos while sitting at my table.

1. I photographed 18 overlapping and redundant images of the cafe scene, people, buildings and trees. Since people were constantly passing by, I waited for the right moment. I took photos of people against the background of buildings as events unfolded, including my waiter when he finally showed up.

2. I selected eight background images to merge into one panorama background. As seen below, there were many discontinuities when placing overlapping photos side-by-side.

Cafe Les Deux Magots Background

3. By cutting away certain portions of the photos, and overlapping and layering one on top of another, the background panorama was created.

4. I modified light/dark, contrast and color saturation. The collaging process continued until I was pleased with all the elements together in the composition. Discontinuities that remained were artistically smoothed or removed using Photoshop tools.

Cafe Les Deux Magots Final

5. In the final composition, people are seen in the location they appeared, yet did not actually appear at the same time. Ten minutes of time and space has now been folded into one panorama. To see a 11" version click here.

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