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Making Panorama Collages
The Magic in Panmagic is folding time and space into one panorama.

Example 2:
Promenade on the Playa at Burning Man, September 2, 2000.

I wanted recreate an afternoon walkabout at Burning Man. Festively attired, our group of five promenaded on the Playa, visiting the amazing art installations and greeting fellow burners. During these three hours, I took individual photos of the people and the art. Several months later, I wanted to put some of these photos together in one panorama collage, just like my mind was remembering the walkabout.

1. I created a background panorama in Photoshop. To create a more surreal effect, I used just a single photo of the desert, mountains and clouds, reversing it back to back and blending four images into a repetitive panorama landscape below. To create more blank canvas, I repeated a strip of playa over and over, making a noticeable ripple effect in the strange-looking artificial landscape below.

Burning Man 2000 Background

2. I selected ten individual photos. Important in the selection process was the sun lighting and shadows, because when placing photo cut-outs together on a single background, the lighting and shadows had to appear somewhat realistic.

3. I cut out the images of people and art objects using Photoshop, removing them from their original background - a rather time consuming process.

4. I layered these ten individual cut-out photos on my playa panorama in Photoshop. I moved them around, made some larger or smaller to imply perspective and distance, modified light/dark, contrast and color saturation. This collaging process continued until I was pleased with all the elements together in the composition.

Burning Man 2000 Final

5. In the final composition, the images placed on the background cover some discontinuities, but leave enough mirroring and repetition for the desired surreal effect. Three hours of time and space have been folded into one panorama. To see a 22" version click here.

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